About us

Actually this starts off as being 'About Me' but as soon as there is a dispute it always becomes 'About Us' as there is a relationship between owners and charterers that needs preserving and I am very aware of this.

My career in shipping spans 30 years. I started as a boarding clerk in England in 1986 then moved to Germany in the 1990's and worked full time in a wide variety of departments for various shipping companies working in: Chartering, Operations, Hire Payments, Laytime, Legal and most recently as Director of the Commercial Claims department in Oldendorff Carriers.

Since leaving Oldendorff to become an independent consultant I now focus only on Speed and Performance matters. These have always fascinated me after dealing with so many of them in the Hire Payments department. I have seen many (thousands) such cases as well as drafting claim submissions for LMAA arbitration based on no adverse currents. In my time I have handled so many of these cases that this subject has become my speciality.

Between 2012-2015 I spent over three years in Singapore and became a committee member of the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF) who are co-authors of the new NYPE 2015 along with Bimco and Asbatime. I was also invited to contribute to the drafting of this new charter party and some of the words in it, with regards to the speed and performance clause of the vessel, are my own. I truly enjoy looking at vessels' performance matters but I am aware that most people do not, which is why I want to share my expertise with the people who can most benefit from it.

It is likely that the Operation Departments will get the most out of this service, and who might appreciate specialist coaching as to how to calculate and look accurately at the performance speed and consumption of the vessel. All of this being handled with emphasis on the commercial relationship, which is after all something that most parties will want to preserve.

Therefore 'About Us' fits all of the parties involved and should be the focus of how to handle these sorts of calculations, amicably but professionally leaving no stone unturned: a tailor-made service to fit matters of speed and consumption.

Yours faithfully,

David Boxall
Consultant Specialist for Ship Speed and Performance Calculations